Gary Kilov

About & CV


A/Prof Kilov graduated as a doctor in South Africa in 1980.

He emigrated to New Zealand where he worked in hospitals in 1982/1983.

He then settled in the NW coast of Tasmania where he worked in the NW regional hospital in 1984 and then in a group general practice from 1985 -1999.

He moved to Melbourne in 2000 where he has worked as a GP until 2011.

He is currently a principal at Launceston Diabetes Clinic, Launceston, Tasmania.

Prior to this appointment he established Seaport Diabetes which had been set up as a multidisciplinary general practice with a focus on chronic disease management, in particular diabetes, and preventative care.

The GPs in the practice are supported by a superb team consisting of nurses, a dietitian, an exercise physiologist, a podiatrist, and two psychologists.
Professor Kilov received his honorary clinical professorship from Melbourne University in 2017 where he is engaged in primary research and education initiatives.

Professional Work Experience

1980 - 1981

Internship Johannesburg NEH hospital professorial ward. Johannesburg, South Africa.

1981 - 1982

Senior medical officer- surgical specialties rotation (Ophthalmology, ENT), Wellington General Hospital, Wellington NZ and 3 months at Masterton regional Hospital emergency department and covering acute admissions within the hospital.

1982 - 1983

Palmerston North regional Hospital, NZ. Radiology registrar.

1983 - 1984

Three months locum Savage River Mines, West Coast of Tasmania including the running of a six-bed acute care hospital.

1983 - 1984

North West Regional Hospital, ED RMO. Burnie NW TAS

1985 - 1999

Owner and operator of a GP practice. Burnie NW TAS

2000 - 2006

GP Wantirna South, Victoria

2006 - 2011

GP Caulfield, Melbourne Victoria

2017 - Current

Director of The Launceston Diabetes Clinic

Areas of Interest

Chronic Disease Management



 A/Prof Kilov has extensive experience and an abiding interest in the management of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. A/Prof Kilov is firmly of the belief that type 2 diabetes is best managed in a primary care setting. This condition affects every organ system and as such, general practitioners are ideally suited to manage the protean manifestation of this modern epidemic. His interest in these conditions stems for his own decades long personal experience with type 1 diabetes.

Respiratory medicine

Respiratory medicine

in particular COPD and asthma. COPD remains a ‘Cinderella condition’ despite killing more Australians than breast, bowel and prostate cancer combined. He is keen to raise the profile of this condition and hence improve management and clinical outcomes for patients.

Mental health

Mental health

A/Prof Kilov has been acutely aware of the bi-directional impact mental ill health and chronic diseases have on one another. As such he has upskilled in CBT, motivational interviewing and health coaching.

These evidence-based techniques are utilized in the management of chronic disease and the often-accompanying anxiety and depression that add to the burden of chronic disease. 


  1. A/Prof Kilov is a past tutor and examiner of medical students at Monash University
  2. A/Prof Gary Kilov conducts Spirometry training courses and Asthma and COPD updates for GPs and other health practitioners throughout Australia on behalf of the National Asthma Council.
  3. He has presented at several conferences including GPCE and WONCA in the fields of diabetes and respiratory medicine. He has delivered papers at the Australian Doctor’s Health conference on the topics of GP mental health.
  4. A/Prof Gary Kilov is very active in the field of peer to peer education on topics as diverse as diabetes, respiratory medicine, osteoporosis, obesity management and other high prevalence conditions managed in primary care.
  5. A/Prof Gary Kilov has appeared on Rural Doctors TV network hosted by Dr Norman Swan on the topics of COPD and Asthma and in 2011 and a webinar with Norman Swann, this time covering diabetes.
  6. Seaport Practice and Seaport diabetes hosted GP registrars, medical students and nursing students 2009-2016. This mentoring continues at the Launceston Diabetes Clinic.
  7. A/Prof Kilov is a is a joint supervisor of a PhD candidate (UTAS)
  8. A/Prof Kilov has been appointed a tutor for the international Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes accredited by the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom in 2020

Advisory and Support Roles


  1. A/Prof Gary Kilov is a member of several advisory boards of pharmaceutical companies and non-corporate entities in the domain of diabetes and has contributed to award winning education programs for GPs;
  2. In 2014 A/Prof Gary Kilov was appointed to the international advisory board of ADEPT (Asia Pacific Diabetes Education Empowerment), a global initiative to educate and up-skill rural and regional doctors on diabetes management. Commencing in Asia, the initiative has now been expanded to include the Middle East and South America.
  3. A/Prof Gary Kilov is a founding member of the RACGP Diabetes specific interest group
  4. A/Prof Gary Kilov is a founding member of the Primary Care Diabetes Society of Australia (PCDSA)
  5. A/Prof Gary Kilov is the sub- editor of the Primary Care Diabetes Society of Australia (PCDSA) journal.
  6. A/Prof Gary Kilov is the immediate past editor-in-chief of the Primary Care Diabetes Society of Australia (PCDSA) journal
  7.  A/Prof Gary Kilov has been a contributor to the updated and revised RACGP: “Management in general practice: Guidelines for type 2 diabetes”, since the 19th edition (2012). He is a contributor to the current 22nd 2016/18 edition.
  8.  A/Prof Gary Kilov is currently involved in the updating of the current RACGP diabetes handbook for 2019/2020
  9. A/Prof Gary Kilov was a member of the NDSS Mental Health and Diabetes Program Expert Reference Group 2013 -2016
  10. A/Prof Gary Kilov is a member of the NDSS Older People and Diabetes Program Expert Reference Group established in 2016 and ongoing
  11. A/Prof Gary Kilov was a member of the ADEA Assessment of a patient with diabetes and their fitness to drive advisory panel 2013-2014
  12. He is a member of the Diabetes Australia (Tas) diabetes friendly school initiative since 2014 and is currently the GP advisor to the group.
  13. A/Prof Gary Kilov is an active associate of Insulin for Life, a global charity procuring and distributing insulin to disadvantaged people living with type 1 diabetes around the globe. In addition to collecting insulin for IFL, he has raised funds and attended a youth camp in the Maldives to support and educate an international cohort of youths living with Type 1 diabetes.

Respiratory medicine

  1. A/Prof Gary Kilov has been a steering committee member for the CLEAR (Clinical Learning, Evaluation and Action in Respiratory Disease) programme, an award-winning educational programme about COPD. As a result of this initiative, over 100,000 patients across Australia have been screened for COPD, with a resultant case finding of over 9000 hitherto undiagnosed individuals with COPD.
  2. A/Prof Gary Kilov was the chair of a working group for the National Asthma Council reviewing the 2014 National asthma Council Asthma Handbook, a reference publication for all health practitioners.
  3. A/Prof Gary Kilov has been a member of the National Asthma Council Curriculum Review Panel for the spirometry training courses 2013 -2016
  4. Contributor and reviewer of NPS MedicineWise: Exploring inhaled medicines use and asthma control program Topic Primer 2014
  5. A/Prof Gary Kilov has been the GP advisor for the updating of the Australian Asthma Handbook (NAC) 2015-2016


  1. A/Prof Gary Kilov was a GP advisor to the NICS (Northern integrated Care), Launceston strategic planning advisory board 2014.
  2. A/Prof Gary Kilov was a member of the advisory board/committee for AcT1vate 2012. AcT1vate is a weekend of instruction and education for type 1 diabetics and GPs with a focus on enabling increased levels of physical activity and well-being in this high-risk group. Activate is an initiative of HypoActive, a wholly volunteer run organisation focusing on enabling exercise in type 1 diabetes.
  3. ACvA (Australian Cardiovascular Alliance) Precision Medicine Flagship Advisory Group member 2019/20.
  4. A/Prof Gary Kilov is an ambassador for ParkRun Australia


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Non-academic publications:

  1. A/Prof Gary Kilov has written several articles for the lay media on diverse medical topics.
  2. A/Prof Gary Kilov is a regular contributor and co-author of articles for popular medical press such as Australian Doctor Magazine, Medical observer and drive time radio.
  3. Contribution to the RACGP check program: Unit 521 October 2015 “Sabina has difficulty controlling her blood sugar levels” A case of youth onset T2D and the challenges this poses to effective management


  1. RACGP co-opted member of the RACGP Type 2 diabetes guidelines 2013-2020
  2. ADA member 2013
  3. A/Prof Gary Kilov was a clinical working group member and GP representative of SEBDA (South Eastern Bayside Diabetes Alliance) an alliance of service providers for diabetes, including GPs, Allied health professionals, Endocrinologists, Primary Care providers (PCPs) and hospitals. Whilst in Melbourne (up until 2011): 
  4. Monash division of General practice working groups including mental health and doctor’s wellbeing 2000-2010
  5. Senior lecturer at UTAS (University of Tasmania) since 2011
  6. Associate Professor Melbourne university since 2017


Within Seaport Practice and Seaport Diabetes (2011-2017)

  1. The practice was set up ‘from the ground up’ as a multidisciplinary practice with a view to providing a ‘one stop shop’ or medical home for patients with chronic disease, with a particular focus on diabetes.
  2. The goal was to establish a centre of excellence
  3. The practice was serviced by tree general practitioners, two practice nurses, two dietitians, a diabetes nurse educator, a podiatrist, an exercise physiologist and two psychologists (one with expertise in diabetes related distress, the other with expertise in disordered eating)
  4. Having recognised the high prevalence of obstructive sleep apnoea within our practice diabetes population and the difficulty in accessing sleep studies, we introduced affordable, rapid access to ambulatory sleep studied in our practice.
  5. There was no private nerve conduction service in Tasmania and so we set one up in our practice, initially for the patients of our practice but referrals from other practices in the North and Northwest of Tasmania resulted in an expanded service.
  6. Our dietitians were receiving many referrals for low FODMAPs diets but lacked the supportive evidence of diagnostic tests. We introduced a hydrogen breath testing service for the detection of various nutrient (sugar- lactose, fructose etc) intolerances to assist with directing their dietary advice.
  7. The establishment of the Launceston Diabetes Clinic (2017). A multidisciplinary diabetes clinic providing comprehensive care for people with diabetes (Adults, children, Type 1, Type 2)
  8. Ankle Brachial Index assessment clinic established at Launceston medical centre 2020.

Collaborations with other diabetes services 2018

  1. Funding has been secured to establish and run an outreach diabetes education service on the NW Coast of Tasmania to GPs and nurses.
  2. RIDE (Rural Integrated Diabetes Education) RIDE provides a clinical and educational outreach service to enhance diabetes management delivered within primary care and rural inpatient facilities in Northern Tasmania. (King Island, Flinders Island) A/Prof Kilov is supported by a credentialled diabetes educator, dietitian and nurse practitioner. The provision of education and clinical engagement has been funded from July 2018 until June 2020. Expectations are that the funding will be extended.

Invited speaker/ panellist

  1.  Masterclass Sydney:
      •     ‘Master Class 2013 ‐ 5th Update on Diabetes & Vascular Disease’
  2. International insulin seminars presentations as an invited speaker:
      •     Insulin summit Pakistan: 2015: ‘Aspiring confidence in the management of diabetes’
      •     Insulin summit Malaysia: KL 2015: ‘10th Modern insulin summit’      
      •     Inaugural Sub-Saharan insulin Summit Nairobi: 2016
  3. ADS/ADEA conference invited speaker: debate. 2015
  4. National Association of diabetes Centres (NADC – BPCD) meeting:
      •     Invited speaker 2015
      •     Invited speaker 2017
  5.     Primary Care Diabetes Society Annual Conference:
      •     Invited speaker 2016
      •     Invited speaker 2017
      •     Invited speaker 2018
      •     Invited speaker 2019
  6. Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute: National Diabetes Forum 2017
      • QA panel member
  7.  National obesity summit presenter. 2014-2017
  8. Invited guest speaker Iranian Specialist Medical Forum, Tehran, Iran 2018
  9. Invited guest speaker Indian Diabetes Forum, Mumbai, India 2018
  10. Invited guest speaker Indian Diabetes Forum, Trivandrum, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi 2019.
  11. Invited guest speaker Diabetes Forum, Dubai, UAE 2019.
  12. Invited guest speaker Chronic Disease Management: Present and future, Melbourne Australia
  13. Invited guest speaker General Practice Conference and Medical Exhibition (GPCME) meetings in Rotorua and Christchurch, New Zealand 2020.
  14. Invited guest speaker Southern African Obesity forum, South Africa. 2020

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